Why the 5G cellphone Network matters.

It means more that just better cellphone coverage.

An global 5G infrastructure will bring incredible  new  economic, social and political changes in the humans condition.

The first thing they talk about is the speed of the new technology. In communications, speed is  what matters. It makes new goals possible.

Le’s make a very simple illustration with something you can see. A personal raft. Here is out raft.

It was rather limited. Just like the early cell phon system, the 2G, was rather limited.

So we go a fishing boat that looks like this:

Now we got to really catch some fish. It is like the 3G cellphone system.

After that, something much better  was needed. Here is our Yacht like the4G network.

Could it ever get better? Yes, we took a trip on a very large cruise  liner. Here is out ship. It is like the new 5G network.

Yes, the cruise liner is a really big ship with so many comforts and activities for everyone. It was so much better than  the private yacht.

In a like manner, the new proposed 5G global network will be like the huge ocean liner.  It will have something for everyone.

Next time I will post more information about what 5G could mean for you and many others.


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